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The Adventurers' Inn MUD is a text-based multiplayer online fantasy game. MUDs (or Multi User Dungeons) are similar to other MMORPG's, however, MUDs use text instead of graphics to create the world. "Why use only text?", you ask. Because using text brings to life a game that is far more vivid, in-depth, and engaging. And it allows you to better immerse yourself in the world, allowing your mind to construct the images.

I am currently in the process of building a completely new game, from the ground up. But the old game, which has been around in one form or another since 1992, is still alive and available to play while I am working.

What You Can Expect

The Adventurers' Inn will be a completely original game offering players intrigue, thrills, and excitement. My goal is to create a game that keeps a balance between roleplaying and hack-and-slash fun! While roleplaying will not be enforced, we believe that our players will get the most enjoyment out of the game by creating a believable, richly developed character at the beginning. And then staying in-character while playing the game.


My desire for The Adventurers' Inn is to build a game that is fun, and meets the needs and desires of fantasy online gamers everywhere. Keep watching here for details as I develop the game.

Current design features:

  • Multiple races, including some tried and true fantasy races like Elves and Dwarves, as well as some original races.
  • No "classes" as defined by the typical game. Instead, players will choose a starting "class concept" with a few specific skills and then, through character development ("leveling up"), advance those skills and acquire additional ones.
  • An intensive Combat system that will include "postures", and advanced "skill chaining" to obtain more realism and in-depth heart-pounding Combat sequences!
  • Crafting! There will be a detailed Crafting System allowing players to craft items from scratch, or just add magical qualities to already existing items.
  • Player run Guilds, Shops and Clans.
  • Descriptions of rooms will be dynamic based on the time of day, and the season.
  • Skills/Spells can only be learned up to a specific proficiency. After that, they will only increase with use.
  • Skills/Spells knowledge will atrophy over time without use - meaning your proficiency with skills and spells will decrease slowly if you don't keep using them.
  • An immersive and detailed Magic system that includes casting times, delays, and targeting. It will make more sense why magic is so powerful, but still has it's limits!
  • NPC's (Non-Player Characters) will have inventory items that make sense. No more finding "a really big bad sword" on a little puny rat. If you come across a citizen in a city, they will carry appropriate items for their description. And chances are, Mobs will be USING that item against you


  • The website has a New look and feel!

    Our website has changed! This will only be temporary, I hope, until I can get a more professional page. But I think it looks better than the old one!
  • The Inn now has our own forums page!

    Check it out! Read and join in on the discussions about the game.
  • The Inn has moved to a new server!

    Our new home is at Third Generation hosting. It shouldn't affect anything on the players side, but it will be a great help on the back-end!
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